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Abbeylinko Xchange is a one stop shop for trading bitcoin, gift-cards and other digital currencies with incredible rates. Here at Abbeylinko Xchange we are here to make your trade easy and stress-less, no matter the amount, we got you covered.

NO exchange is too big or too small.

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Instant, on-demand swift transactions


100% Guarantee on all exchange


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The Abbeylinko Xchange system is built and tailored to serve and fully satisfy you. Our trading is seamless and with no hassle, taking little or no time.
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Trade your gift cards with Abbeylinko Xchange at amazing rates.
Trusts to be both satisfactory and to your convenience.
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Frequently Asked

We understand that business is totally based on trust, and that has been the structure of operation behind all transactions.

Our team is made up of are professional traders that will guide you through the process via our live chat medium or WhatsApp messaging, depending on what suits your comfort.

Once we receive your Bitcoin/load your gift card, the agreed amount will be sent to your bank account immediately. You would get an alert between 1 and 10 minutes.

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